A Tranquil Place.

ChristPond, founded in 1982 by Fox Point Lutheran Church, is owned & operated by the CHRISTPOND FOUNDATION, INC. – Random Lake, WI


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Phone: 262-421-5657
Email: christpond@gmail.com

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To change a reservation, please call 262-421-5657 or email christpond@gmail.com

ChristPond is a nonprofit organization available for use by not-for-profit organizations and the church community of all denominations.

These are unprecedented times.  Our lives are bouncing with regulations of COVID-19, raging racial tensions, individual and family tensions created by intended and unintended circumstances.  

Maybe packing up your family, the group you isolate with and feel save, and spend a few days in the space and beauty and wonder of God’s creation at ChristPond.   


Most of us are tired of being pent up, mostly at home, living with the protocol of Covid regulations.  Yet, most of us have a core group we live with, trust and share life together.  EVEN THEN, IT’S GOOD TO GET AWAY!

Schedule a time together with your core group at ChristPond for a day, a few days, what ever works with your schedule and ours. The break will be wonderful.  Plan indoor and outdoor activity.  Play games.  Hike the trails.  Find the flowers.  Watch the birds.  See the change in scenery.  Take time to marvel at God’s creation.  Explore new ways to relate to one another and to God in the midst of this secluded journey. 

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Peace Awaits You.

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